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Term Classes

Term 4 : The week of 16 Oct – 4 Dec (8 weeks)

Term 1 : The week of 5 Feb – 3 Apr (9 weeks)


8 years old to Preteen  Timetable

At Artspark we believe that sewing can be for everyone.

Artspark has classes suited to each age group and skill level. We encourage students to look beyond only sewing clothes and cushions, to use fabric as a design medium and not just a piece of cloth.

We will introduce and instill a love of creation using fine motor skills, thought and a dollop of patience. Starting from the basics of hand sewing, to learning the amazing works of a sewing machine leading to the realisation of a full project.

Our classes allow children to explore the creative process. By drawing or choosing a design and then turning it into an actual piece, children begin to learn the process of turning an idea into something tangible.


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